VL805S Zip-Out Insulated and Lined Plain Biker Leather Chaps

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$ 35.00

The Zip-Out Insulated and Lined Plain Biker Leather Chaps from Vance Leather are a must-have classic for all bikers who won’t let a little cold weather get in the way of a good ride. Just zip in the lining on those days or mornings when the weather is brisk. Then zip them out as the weather warms up. These plain chaps are crafted from black leather and boast zippers on the sides. These Zip-Out Insulated and Lined Plain Biker Leather Chaps are designed to fit almost every body type – male, female, large and small. Sizes range from 3XS to 6XL, and the adjustable waist features a belted front and a lace-up back panel for a custom fit. In addition, the length of these chaps can also be cut to fit.

Heavy Duty lined leather chaps, cover with flap, zipper on sides.These are lined quality leather chaps, always the quality you expect from Vance.



HOW TO DETERMINE SIZE: Please measure the thickest part of your thigh (circumference around your thigh at the thickest part) using a cloth tape measure. Be sure to take this measurement with your jeans ON

Size Chart

Size Thigh Measurement
3XS 16.5"
2XS 17.5"
XS 19"
S 20.5"
M 22"
L 23"
XL 24"
2XL 25"
3XL 26"
4XL 27"
5XL 28"
6XL 29"
7XL 30"
8XL 31"
9XL 32"
10XL 33"



Xs, S, M, L, Xl, 2xl, 3xl, 4xl, 5xl, 6xl, 7xl, 8xl, 9xl, 10xl

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