Vance Leathers Company Mission Statement:

Established in 2000, Vance Leathers is a distinguished and independent manufacturer of motorcycle apparel and accessories. Nestled in the heart of the Motorcycle and Racing Culture, Daytona, Florida, we are deeply committed to our craft.

Our unwavering dedication to delivering top-quality motorcycle apparel and accessories is matched only by our relentless passion for exceptional customer service. We believe that all, whether a major retail chain, independent store, or e-commerce business, deserve nothing but the best.

At Vance Leathers, we go beyond the ordinary to provide outstanding products at competitive prices. We continually strive for innovation and product excellence, fueled by the invaluable feedback of our valued customers. Our primary mission is to offer protection, style, and value to every rider.

As a vertically integrated company, we maintain our manufacturing facilities overseas and offer tailored private label programs. Upholding the highest standards of quality and ethical sourcing practices is our unwavering commitment.

Our pride in what we do runs deep, and we live and breathe our mission every day.