VB735 - Mens Cutoffs Orange Acid Wash Shirt

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$ 54.00

Introducing the ultimate Biker Cut-Off Sleeveless Shirt in Orange Acid Wash - where durability meets style!

Crafted with 100% cotton and designed to keep you cool and comfortable, this versatile shirt effortlessly transitions from a hard day's work to a night out on the town. With its sleek lines and professional collar, you'll exude confidence and sophistication while embracing your inner biker. Don't compromise on comfort or style; make a statement with our Biker Cut-Off Sleeveless Shirt today!


Composition and Maintenance:

  • Crafted from a 100% Cotton Outer Shell
  • Easy-to-clean, machine-washable fabric
  • Versatile material that complements any outfit and coordinates with nearly every color
  • Rugged and durable fabric, designed to endure strenuous and demanding workdays

Elegant Button-Down Design:

  • Sophisticated button-up collared Orange Acid Wash twill shirt
  • Professional collar and sleek lines for a touch of formality
  • Sleeveless design to maintain coolness and comfort even during hot summer days
  • Constructed with durable, breathable cotton fabric for a flattering and comfortable fit
  • Larger Cuts

Versatile Lifestyle Choice:

  • Perfect for various work environments, from the shop to the construction job site
  • Button-down closure and collared neckline create a professional appearance
  • Short sleeves and comfortable fabric allow for easy movement, stretching, and breathability
  • Frayed sleeves to complete the authentic biker look


  • Pack A contains M/1, L/2, XL/2, 2XL/1
  • Pack B contains 2XL/1, 3XL/2, 4XL/2, 5XL/1